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Don't buy anything until you have done your research!

Fill out your contact information below and you will be receiving an email with websites and information on how to do the research, and a sample postcard to download (in word document format); Don't Renew Your Lease.

I wished someone would have told me that BEFORE I went to the trouble and expense of mailing post cards to apartment complexes--and then wondered why no one ever called me for a free report?

Well, the reason was, that I was mailing to an apartment complex where renters were paying about $500 in rent--however, in order to purchase an averaged price home, their mortgage payment was going to run about $1,000 per month.

A $500 increase in monthly payments? It's just too much of a gap and I didn't realize it until it was too late!

When you complete the request form below, we will email you a couple of websites that we think have the most complete information. They will give you the name of the complexes in your area, the average rent paid and even management's phone number to check it out yourself. It's absolutely free and you can search as many complexes as you like.

Once you have done your research, click back to www.ApartmentToolKit.com and purchase the lists and the apartment complex marketing system I personally used to generate leads for almost 10 years.

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#4. The Headline is the Key to Getting your Message Read - One of the most effective headlines we have tested says, “When your lease is up, do you know where you are going to live?” It’s thought provoking because it gets people thinking about where they’re going to live. View Basic Kit & Renters Report [Realtors ]|[Originators]

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