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Mailing to apartment complexes is so simple—with my first wave of post cards, I generated 30 leads and set up 9 appointments. I can't wait to see what type of business the 2nd and 3rd mailing generate. ~ T.O., CTX Mortgage, CA
I purchased a kit from you a month ago. I received 40 calls and out of that 22 requests for reports. It is not bad considering that 75% of calls and 82% report requests came from 3 complexes which comprise 1200 renters. Thank you Karen,

Monika Tkaczyk, Illinois

I am very impressed with the professionalism of your company and the follow-up call I received from Deb. I can't tell you how many different companies I have work with over the years who have not once followed-up with me nor sent an email to make sure everything was okay.

I will definitely recommend your company and use your service again.

Thank you, thank you...

Melina Tsantis, Weichert Realtors,Gaithersburg, MD

I just watched your seminar and I wanted to thank you very much for the great information. A colleague of mine and I are starting a website to promote our First Time Home Buyer Seminars, and this marketing plan will add to my plan.

Gerilynn Rohrer, Shorewest Realtors, WI

...you suggested that we find apartment complexes where tenants rated their complexes below 75%. I tested this--with a control group list purchased from another company--versus the one purchased from Apartment Tool Kit and guess what--the calls received are coming from YOUR list! Hooray!

Pat Cray, Davie, Florida.

The products that you have are invaluable. With business being slow right now and just using the free information on your site, I am getting immediate results from your marketing tips. Looking forward to a great next year—with your help.

Sherean Reavis, Fifth Third Mortgage, Florida

Your article in Broker News (which I receive on-line) is excellent. I appreciate your direct manner of writing. It's easy to read, concise, and complete. WOW! a career's worth of information in less that two pages.

Thank you. Bev Willard, REALTOR

Got the Renters Free Report - good job - I like it

Mike Ward, Keller Williams, AZ

First, let me say, I'm a BIG fan of your work! I can honestly say that if I hadn't used some of your consumer direct marketing ideas, I would have not only been out of the business a few years ago, but I would have been bankrupt. Thank you so much!

Brett Pehrson, Salt Lake City, UT

If I may be honest, I was a LoanToolbox member for a very long time and after previewing your marketing ideas etc. I’ve seen more value in what you offer.

Greg Clausen, American Mortgage Centers

Thank you so much!!!! The list was very helpful!! We got 2 deals from our mail out. I will definitely refer you to the Realtors in Nasvhille! ~
Michelle Crews, Pulte Homes

I purchased Karen's Real Estate Marketing Kit. I used her training and examples for several mail outs. I also purchased apartment mailing lists for locations near me and continue to use them regularly. She has innovative ideas and marketing techniques. ~ Kathie Newton, Prudential Georgia Realty, Marietta, GA
I've made a career out of working with First Time Homebuyers yet I have never seen a market more ripe for their business than it is today. Forget the fact that they are basically the ONLY buying group that can act right now (no house to sell). Forget the fact that they are EASY to find (ApartmentToolkit.Com). Forget the fact that they are the GREATEST referral source (all have friends who need homes too). Forget all that - but remember that these clients become customers for life. Once you've done a good job for them, you can expect to see them back lining your pockets with another mortgage 3-4 more times. Keep up the good work! ~ Mike Moffitt, US Bank Home Mortgage, Minnesota

I purchased your Apartment Tool Kit last year as well as 5 apartment mailing lists. Just today I ordered another mailing list. I’ve listened to your First Time Homebuyer Seminar twice and have downloaded all that I could from your site. I like very much what I have heard you say.

I just wanted you to know that I am using my toll free number and enjoying success with the mailing lists...

Much thanks, Chrystal L. Stachura, Market Masters Realty

I will pass the word about your company and the professional way you conduct business. ~ Larry Ross, Real Estate Agent, Florida

Have sent out about 250 postcards so far and have 7 leads. 2 were duds and 2 are potential buyers. Going pretty good so far. Thanks. ~
Bruce Wirick, Hallmark Home Mortgage

I am impressed with each and every webinar, additional information section, etc. I mentor 4 Loan Originators who sat in on the session. Needless to say we all are energized and can clearly see the value of your experience. We are hooked; starting our plan immediately. - Jean Strahafer


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#7. You’ve Gotta Have a Database – Even if you use 3 x 4 cards, it’s better than nothing! As your leads come pouring in the door, you need a way not only to keep in touch, but track your conversion from prospects straight through to the sale. With a database, you will be able to track how long it takes from first contact until they purchase something. Where are your leads coming from…real estate ads, newspaper, postcards, seminars?

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